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CTMR offers training in the following areas

1. CME for Siddha Physicians both in Private practice and Govt. on Management of Non- Communicable diseases, Cleansing and External therapies, Specialty treatment procedures of Siddha- Ministry of AYUSH has extended support 3-5 days

2. ‘Wellness through Siddha’ ‘ Herbs for Health’ for Industrial workers, Software professionals Persons of Indian origin and foreigners – Ranging from 3 to 5 days of 10 hours including practical sessions. – These trainings overseas are conducted in collaboration with Pranasakty Malaysia , Siddha Varmakalai-Malaysia
3. ‘Art of Healthy eating’ Siddha approach – Food workshops including demonstration of recipes for various women groups including professionals and working women and Nutrition Grad. Students- 1-2 days
4. Herbal Garden, Commercial cultivation – Scope and Agro-technology – one day
5. Good Manufacturing practices and Regulatory affairs for AYUSH industries – 2 days
6. Deciphering Siddha Palm manuscripts – 3- 7 days
7. Finishing School for Fresh Siddha Graduates to establish Good Clinical centers 
8. Ante-Natal, Post Natal care and recipes for Safe Motherhood – 3-5 days
9. Herbal Product development including Nutritional supplements, Cosmetics and Personal grooming products – 2 days
10. Medicinal plant identification in field and utility – School and College students during Vacation 

Each training will be conducted for group of 20-30 persons depending on the location.