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Documentation of Traditional Knowledge

Local Health Traditions are a heritage resource. Vast majority of the rural population living inside and in fringe of the forest region depend on traditional health practices due to its local availability- both plant resource and knowledge. The folk tradition is passed on from father to son or mother to daughter (or daughter-in-law) or from guru to sishya in tens and thousands of our villages through the ages.

CTMR has been working with the traditional healers over two decades. As most traditional healers are aging and their knowledge of diagnosis, treatment methods, plant resources and drug formulation skills and recipes are slowly vanishing CTMR has been documenting and validating their knowledge by spending time individually with healers and conducting healers meeting both at district and State level.. Enabling knowledge sharing, skill transfer and capacity building among them has been undertaken in many districts of Tamil Nadu.

Bone setting, Safe Motherhood, Poison bite treatment, Jaundice treatment are their specialty area.

Extensive travel had been carried out and over two thousand healers have been interviewed with structured questionnaire and Video documentation done. The outcome have been presented to Ministry of AYUSH and Book ‘Formulary of Native healers’ have been published.

CTMR has also been involved in accreditation and certification of authentic traditional healers in association with QCI and other NGO’s